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How Can The Morning Blessing Make Creative Memories?

January 24, 2011 by Kimberly O'Bannon  
Filed under Creative Memories

You know how sometimes when you are making creative memories you do it on purpose? Like when planning a party, vacation or special event.

Other times they seem to happen by accident . . .

Take for instance what I call “The Morning Blessing.”

I remember a typical morning with my then three-year-old quadruplet girls.  It was so crazy and frustrating.

One wouldn’t want to wear a shirt, while two others were fighting over the same shirt.

Thinking they were settled, only to discover one girl running down the hall, while another climbing on the furniture!

There was crying and yelling and hitting. It’s an understatement to say it was such an unpleasant way to start the day with a headache before 8am!

Sadly it seemed as though this was occurring daily.

You may be having similar problems. Frustrating isn’t it?

With multiples you have your hands full. And if you’re like most moms of multiple when you do get a moment’s peace . . .it’s more often spent collecting your thoughts not sorting through how to solve the problem.

Wouldn’t starting each day on a positive note really help?

Only problem: How?

Well, sometimes you find inspiration in the most interesting places — and when you least expect it.

In an inspirational book I found, well –- inspiration!

The book suggested speaking a blessing over your children.

So, one morning instead of rushing around I started by giving each one a Blessing.  It wasn’t planned; it just came from my heart.

How does a morning blessing create happy memories?

Well, by . . .
• Showing each one love. In The Blessing I ask for protection over them.

• Starting each day on a calm, positive note.

• Giving them a sense of being unique and important individuals not just because they’re multiples.

I call it “The Morning Blessing.”

(Child’s name) Good morning, Good morning, How are you today?
(Child’s name), May God Bless you and Keep you, throughout the day and keep you healthy and safe
(Child’s name) I love you, I love you, I love you.
(Child’s name), then I blow her kisses.

And you know what? It works!

creative memories

Before The Blessing every morning each girl would fight getting ready for the day.

It was a constant struggle figuring out what to do just to get dressed!

Within a couple of weeks after starting The Morning Blessing they became a lot calmer in the morning.

When I would forget to do The Morning Blessing, some of my girls would say,

“Please, Mommy, give me my Blessing, give me my Blessing.”

That’s when I knew it was a really good idea!

So now none of them leave for the day without having Mommy give them their Blessing!

It doesn’t take very long, but it lasts a whole day in the child’s eyes.

So, if you have multiple children — whether they’re born at the same time or just have a lot of children — it’s something you can easily consider doing in the morning.

Or you could create your own Blessing or song in the morning.

Now another reason this works is because they’re quadruplets, they don’t have many chances to be individuals.

People often look at them as a group.

I want each of my girls to know that they are a Gift to the World, not just a group of four.

They are special in their own right!

And you know what? Recently I discovered another way to make them feel special . . .

It is a unique challenge, called “I AM a Gift To The World” 21 Day Challenge
It is F R E E!! And there are Great Prizes to win!

To Your Abundant Life with Multiples,

Kimberly OBannon

AKA: MultiMommy

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