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If You Work Full-time And Become Pregnant With Triplets, What Are Your Child Care Options?

March 24, 2011 by Kimberly O'Bannon  
Filed under High Risk Pregnancy

So you are pregnant with triplets. That is great news!

If you return to work after the birth of your triplets, then who will care for your three bundles of joy?

pregnant with triplets

What will be your child care costs?

Can you afford to go back to work?

And, will it be worth it?

There are many things to consider.

There is the financial cost, in addition to the psychological costs of leaving your babies.

I like what a friend of mine did after she had triplets.

Nancy, who is a nurse works Friday to Sunday 12 hour shifts at night at a local hospital.

Her husband who is a teacher, watches the triplets on the weekends while she is at work.

Although she’s tired on Mondays when she watches the kids, they pay zero for child care..

In addition, Nancy gets to raise her girls while keeping her career. So it is a win-win for everyone.

Although you are just now pregnant with triplets, it is not too soon to think about your options for child care.

So what are your child care options?

  • Daycare centers – a chain or not for profit
  • Home daycare centers – much smaller and sometimes cheaper
  • Nanny care – live in or daytime
  • Relative/Friend care for children
  • One partner stays home while the other one works and then switch off

Each of these options has both positives and negatives to consider.

Daycare centers:

Pros: Large group to socialize with, start learning at a young age, create independence.

Cons: Increased exposure to illnesses, exposure to bad behavior, higher child care costs, less individual attention.

Home daycare centers:

Pros: Exposure to less children means less germs and less bad behavior to pick up on. Get more individual attention. Less costly option.

Cons: Don’t have structured academics, no backup if the care giver gets sick, doesn’t have the same licensing requirements as large daycare centers

Nanny care:

Pros: More convenient than out of home care, more flexible hours and children stay in the home.

Cons: Most expensive childcare option, no one to supervise the nanny, no backup child care if she quits, becomes sick, or is otherwise unavailable


Pros: More personalized attention, caregiver has personal interest in your child, very inexpensive especially if the relative doesn’t require  payment

Cons: Sometimes it is hard to have an employee-employer relationship with a relative, your childcare styles may conflict. If the relative is older, it may be hard for them to keep up with triplets.

Stay at home parent:

Pros: You get to be there for your child’s developmental milestones, you can control the quality of the care, and you can avoid feeling guilty for leaving your triplets.

Cons: Can be very draining physically and emotionally with triplets, can lead to an identity loss from leaving a career, can cause a financial strain.

If deciding about what to do for child care is stressing you out consider ways to reduce that stress now.  Come up with a plan and talk to others about their experiences.

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Kimberly O’Bannon
Ambassador of Positive Parenting,
AKA MultiMommy


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  2. [...] to become as relaxed as possible while pregnant with triplets, because the stress certainly does not go away after they are delivered. [...]

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