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Part 5 Worrying What to Expect When Expecting Multiples: How Can You Prepare For Getting Around With Your Babies When You Are Pregnant With Triplets?

May 4, 2011 by Kimberly O'Bannon  
Filed under High Risk Pregnancy

This is another post in this series of what to expect when expecting multiples.

In an earlier post, we discussed the kinds of questions that arise while you are pregnant with triplets.

One question I worried about when expecting my multiples was “How do I get the babies from place to place by myself?”

Well it came down to basically two essentials: car seats that fit in the car and an easily maneuverable stroller.

1. The Car.

A car is a necessity to get to most places these days.

And when you’re pregnant with triplets is a great time to figure out your options.  So you have seating for the babies before you bring them home from the hospital.

You’ll need to be able to get each child into the car before your can get your triplets from place to place. And to get them into the car, you need to buy car seats that fit properly all in a row in your car.

With quadruplets, in my case I needed four car seats!

So I had to find three car seats that would all fit on one seat of the minivan.  The fourth child had a captain chair.

Finding car seats that would fit across the back of the minivan took several attempts and a very patient salesman.  He kindly and considerately carried the seats to the minivan so I could see if they would fit and then would carry them back to the store, when they did not fit.

It took 3 tries before I found the correct ones that all fit.

2. The Strollers.

Now I used a special quadruplet stroller called a Runabout quad stroller.

Runabout Quadruplet Strollers

And yes, they make them for triplets too.

What’s special about a Runabout?

Well, it  allowed me to have freedom.

Now the Runabout is a different type of multiple stroller.  For instance, the babies are all lined up in single file one behind the other. This definitely has some advantages…

1.    A single wide stroller is easier to maneuver in narrow aisles at places like a grocery store and discount department stores.   In the grocery  store, I would push the stroller in front of me while pulling the grocery cart behind me.  While I took up almost a whole aisle length, it worked.

2.  By having the girls in one line, they could not play with each other or grab bottles from their sisters.

This stroller allowed me to take the girls myself without having to bring along their dad, a volunteer or a nanny.

How do you maneuver such a long narrow stroller around corners?

It’s easy once you know the trick

The trick to turning is to pop a wheelie so you can easily turn the stroller.  Now this does take a little practice.

I also used this Runabout stroller as an exercise jogger.  The Runabout is very sturdy, well-built and lasted a long time.  I used it until my girls were four!

It’s a good investment.  And you may be able to resell it later.

Again deciding about a stroller while you’re pregnant with triplets will save you worry and aggravation after the babies are born.

These tips helped my babies not just survive but to thrive.

I’m looking forward to sharing additional tips with you in the future.

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To Your Abundant Life with Multiples,

Kimberly O’Bannon
Ambassador of Positive Parenting,
AKA MultiMommy


One Response to “Part 5 Worrying What to Expect When Expecting Multiples: How Can You Prepare For Getting Around With Your Babies When You Are Pregnant With Triplets?”
  1. I am pregnant with triplets and nervous as crap. This is my first pregnancy and I havent got up the courage to even tell my parents yet. Mostly because I am only 19 and I know what they woul end up saying. Any Advice?

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