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How Can I Use Positive Parenting To Help My Children Deal With the 911 Attack?

September 5, 2011 by Kimberly O'Bannon  
Filed under Positive Parenting

As a young person, I never imagined that certain days of my life would change me forever.

I can remember only a few bad days in the past 10 years significant enough to leave a lasting impression.

There was the day that I got a call that my father had passed away from cancer.  I couldn’t travel to the funeral because my quadruplet babies were too little.

There was the Christmas Eve that my daughter, Makayla was in the hospital and we were told she could die.  She needed emergency brain surgery to repair the failing shunt in her head.

And there is the day I helplessly watched my beloved mother pass away from a brain bleed.

But there was another day that changed my perspective on life just as much – or more.  That one day was September 11th, 2001 known now as just 911.

Now, I did not directly know anyone who died in the 911 attacks on the Twin Towers, the Pentagon, or the airplanes.  Still it impacted my life.

Here is my story…

In 2001, I gave birth to quadruplets.  So my life was really crazy and very busy, as you can imagine.

On September 11th, 2001, I received a phone call from my sister-in-law very early in the morning.  It was around 6:00, and she said, “You’re not going to believe this!  A plane has crashed into a building in New York City.”

At the time, I was a little annoyed.  I’m thinking, “Well why are you calling me, what does that have to do with me?  You just woke up my babies so now I have to go feed them!”

911 AttacksWhile taking care of my quadruplets – feeding the kids, changing them, burping them and doing all the hundreds of things you have to do when you care for four babies simultaneously – I watched television.

Many things went through my mind…

  • “Is this a joke?”
  • “A Hollywood stunt?”
  • “Why are people jumping from a building with certain death coming upon them?”

As I continued to watch, the Towers collapsed.  The Pentagon was attacked.  We heard about the last plane crashing into the Pennsylvania countryside.

While caring for my babies that morning, it dawned on me, “This is real.”

Our safe country was no longer safe.  We were under attack by an unknown enemy.

I just couldn’t believe my eyes.  An intense feeling came over me.  And I started to cry…

  • I cried for the people who died in all those buildings.
  • I cried for the loss of security I felt.
  • I cried for my children.

I started thinking, “What will happen to my babies?”

The world changed right before my eyes.

My kids are growing up in a world that is so different than before the 911 attacks.

It’s sad for me to think that life has changed so much for them…

  • No longer can you get on an airplane without going through all those required 12 security steps.
  • No longer can you fly to a foreign country without having a passport.  Not that I’m likely to go to the Bahamas with four children all the same age – but a girl can dream.
  • No longer is there a feeling the United States could never be touched by a foreign country or enemy.  Our security and feeling of safety was forever stolen in a few short minutes.

So as my girls grow up, they know things they shouldn’t have to at their age.  They know words such as “terrorism,” “911 attack, ” “Osama Bin Laden” and more…

It makes me very sad.

Like many folks as this next September 11th approaches I think back to that fateful day.

positive parenting

And wonder, “How can I use positive parenting in helping my children deal with learning about September 11?”

  • Prayer.
  • Remove fear.
  • Honor the heroes.

Start with prayer.  I send up my prayers asking that the Creator of the Universe to protect our country once more and never again will our children need to learn of such horrible acts at a young age.

When we discuss the 911 attacks with our children, my husband and I do so calmly.  We simply refuse to allow fear into the room.  We answer their questions honestly.  And yes, if they ask were we afraid we tell them honestly.

We also tell them our country is safer now than before, and that we as Americans learn from the past to make a better future for our children.

Honoring those who have fallen is an important part of the healing of 911.

My husband and I are teaching our children that all the heroes of September 11, 2001 are important.  And we respect, remember and honor them.  We can remember 911 for the heroes, not the terror.

Now you can honor the heroes of 911 through a nonprofit nonpolitical event.  It’s 911 Remembrance Las Vegas.

Can’t travel to Las Vegas?

Then sign up to watch it streaming live on the Internet!

Just go to

And join my family in remembering through honoring those amazing heroes.

To Your Abundant Life,

Kimberly O’Bannon
Ambassador of Positive Parenting,
AKA MultiMommy


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