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How Do You Reward Your Children By Using Positive Parenting?

February 14, 2011 by Kimberly O'Bannon  
Filed under Positive Parenting

So what do you do when you have two or more children all born at the same time, and you want to reward them for positive behavior?

How do you keep track of each child and their good/bad behavior?

You want to use positive parenting techniques not negative consequences in your discipline style . . .

Yet you don’t know how.

Well my husband and I had the same problem.

Until one day we created a system we call The Point System.

And it makes our quadruplets feel special.

We started this when the kids were around four-years-old.  It was when we noticed they started being able to help around the house, follow directions and do chores.

The Point System

How The Point System works for us:

  1. Use a whiteboard.

  2. List different categories such as vacuuming, cleaning the bathroom, cleaning up their rooms, putting their backpack away.

  3. Add a special category called Discretionary. This category is like extra credit is in school.  They get extra points here when they show kindness without being told, and just whenever they do something extra nice.

  4. List across the top each child’s name in their special color.

  5. Consider using a different color marker for each child.  This way you can see at a glance how they’re doing.  Each child gets immediate feedback when we look at the board visually.

  6. Award a star or a point for each time that they do their chores. In our system each point is worth $0.10.

  7. Add up points every two weeks and pay the children that amount of money from the points.

  8. Subtract points for misbehavior.  You will quickly see that in as little as 2 weeks the kids get upset when their points are so much less then the other sisters. This quickly keeps the kids motivated to behave!

  9. Have fun with it!  Customize it to suit your own family!

So using The Point System or something similar is an easy way to use a positive parenting technique in rewarding your child for good behavior.

It is also a fun and positive way to discipline your child.

Looking for a way to inspire yourself or your children?

Wondering how to show people you love and care that they’re special?

Chief Robert TallTree and Terri Lynn TallTree have created a special program for inspiring yourself and your children. It’s called The 21-Day “I AM a Gift to the World!” Challenge.

It’s free, fun, and there are some great gifts.

You can easily adapt it to show your kids they’re special.  Or if they’re old enough, you can take the challenge with them.

Check it out now — you might inspire yourself . . .or the children you love!

To Your Abundant Life with Multiples,

AKA  MultiMommy


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